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Educating for change

AFFAMIR is a development organization in Penka Michel - Western region of Cameroon-  working towards ending the structural causes of  poverty so as to create equal development opportunities for all.  Strategically, the organization uses education and training as entry points because we believe the more people are empowered, the more they are able to hold the reins of their destiny and live the life they desire and deserve. 

When YOU support AFFAMIR, YOU support Bansoa children’efforts to provoke and drive the change they want to see in their community.


Make this change to come true!

With YOU, we have moved mountains, and with YOU, we will continue moving mountains. We will continue creating a better future for  Bansoa children!

To empower boys and girls, and create conditions for an efficient and effective use of the newly acquired capacities for a sustainable individual and societal development. 

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