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Educating children


Since 2002, we have been working to improve the offer of educational services through:

  • The creation and equipment of two modern nursery and primary schools with toilets, water, libraries, computer laboratories, school buses, etc.

  • The training in teaching methodology and skills of primary school teachers including the emerging teaching technologies

  • The building and improvement of primary school administrators' managerial and supervision capacities

  • The provision of teaching material




Empowering teachers to empower students


Without teachers, there is no education, and without trained teachers, there is no hope of having the future free of gender imbalances and injustices we crave. Teachers are the architects of our societies and we have to make sure they are prepared to effectively do their job.


At AFFAMIR, we have been training primary school teachers so they can ensure the academic and social success of the boys and girls who will build the society we all want tomorrow, and live a healthy, prosperous and responsible life.

Bansoa Youth Project


Promoting vocational training for drop-out students in order to provide quality technical vocational and entrepreneurship training that meets the needs of the labor market is one of our main projects.


We want all the Bansoa youth to be able to take the reins of their destiny and actively contribute to lifting their families out of poverty and building their communities and country.



Sexual and reproductive health education of teenagers 

Empowering adolescents with the information they need to manage their sexual and reproductive health is an effective way of addressing some of the strongest structural causes of poverty.


With knowledge, people are able to make informed decisions that will take them to the destination they crave.

No child left behind


Education for all!


This is the objective we want to achieve. No child should be left behind because their parents cannot pay their school fees. Since 10 years we have been offering holistic and long-term scholarships to underprivileged boys and girls in Bansoa.


And we want to continue!



Pads for Progress

No girl should have transactional sex for pads.

No girl should miss a single class because they can't afford sanitary towels.

No girl should see their self-esteem and dignity crushed because they can't afford sanitary towels. 

No girl should have to use old clothing, pieces of foam mattress, toilet paper and leaves to manage their period.

At AFFAMIR we want to change that horrible story by donating pads to girls so they can study and build a better life for themselves, their families, communities and country, and safeguard their dignity and self-esteem. The project is also about educating them about menstrual hygiene.


This project is about freedom, autonomy and empowerment.

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