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Education is still a luxury for many children in Bansoa who are out of classrooms because their parents cannot pay their tuition. YOU can change the story by sponsoring one!


With 60 $ you can send a child to school and contribute to change their life and that of their family!

They are ready, they are smart, they are willing to study, they are just waiting for opportunities.

Create ONE for them! 



You can volunteer your TIME, EXPERTISE and KNOWLEDGE with us! Teaching English and computer lessons to pupils, teachers and the youth, helping to create advertising and communication material for the schools, organizing sensitization sessions on sexual and reproductive health, and also nature conservation...


A safe, modern and healthy and gender-oriented learning environment is necessary for children to achieve good academic results and develop as persons. With your support, we can create and keep good learning conditions for students.


Adopt one of our two Kinder's House schools and make this happen! 



If building the communities where you work and do business is one of your priorities, we can help you achieve this goal. By increasing AFFAMIR’s effectiveness in meeting Bansoa’s inhabitants needs and expanding its impact on their lives, you will contribute to fight against structural causes of poverty in this Cameroonian rural municipality.


Help us help the children of Bansoa go to school! 

  • $2 pays a child's transport from home to school and back home per day

  • $5 buys a breakfast for a child for a month

  • $15 buys a lamp to a child so they can study at home at nightfall 

  • $30 buys pads and panties for a girl for a year 

  • $50 buys school material for a child for a year

  • $60 sends a child to school for a year

  • $500 helps to do some maintenance work on the school premises

  • $1,000 helps to organise sexual and reproductive health campaigns

  • $1,200 helps to organise a teachers' training workshop


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