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Poverty is not a curse or a natural phenomenon. It is the result of social imbalances that can be remedied. AFFAMIR, a development organization in Penka Michel - western region of Cameroon-, is determined to change the story by creating equal development opportunities for all.

AFFAMIR has been working in Bansoa since 2002. Our work includes:

  • The improvement of the quality of educational services 

  • The empowerment of the youth with sexual and reproductive information 

  • Holistic scholarships to children from very poor families

  • Vocational training for drop-out youth

  • Provision of sanitary pads to girls keep girls in school and eradicate the one of the root causes of poverty


It is all about empowerment because we believe the more people are empowered, the more they are able to hold the reins of their destiny so they can live the life they desire and deserve. 

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